do you even entrepreneur?

You’re like me. Trying to run a killer business by yourself. It’s difficult to get started, I get it. Check out these resources that have helped me get organized and manage things like a (kind of) pro.

The Mission Statement Worksheet

Maybe you’ve been so busy building your business that you haven’t taken a minute to step back, take a breath, and define exactly why you’re doing what you do. Although this may seem secondary, defining your mission statement is essential to scaling your brand. So go ahead, take a few minutes, invest in your work, because the truth is, the more clear you are about what you do, the more people want to work with you.


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The Target Market Guide

I get it, you want your incredible brand to reach as many people as possible. The problem? When you try to please everyone you end reaching nobody at all. Ouch. Let’s get your business niche’d down and profitable.  Use this guide to start strategically marketing yourself to the right people. 

brand development

Color Research & Your Brand

Creating a brand isn’t just about putting together pretty fonts with your favorite colors. If you want to create a successful brand, you need to start with research. Match your target market with the colors that reach them. 

Unsure of your target market? Check out my worksheet to really nail down who your business reaches with my Target Market Guide (listed above).

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The Freelancer Contract Template

A well-crafted contract isn’t just something to cover your a$$ as a designer, it’s something that reassures your client they are getting exactly what they’re paying for. Take the stress out of your project by putting everything on paper. I’ve compiled everything you need to know when writing your contract and even included a template to get you started. Trust me, this will save your business.


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The Ultimate Client Questionnaire

Blindly sending out quotes or pricing guides can run away business or tie you into some projects you may not want to be a part of (been there!). Start your communication with potential clients on the right foot by asking questions rather than providing all the answers. This has saved my life several times, and I’m sure it will yours!


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